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Cotton Trader Promotes Sustainable Print With Love Paper

Cotton Traders Promotes Sustainable Print Media With Love Paper

Cotton Traders, the well-known British Clothing Retailer, are committed to delivering their products and services in a way that does not compromise the preservation of our planet. This also translates to their marketing practices, and they have chosen to use Love Paper to highlight the sustainability of their print marketing.

Love Paper was created by the not-for-profit campaign Two Sides; the global initiative launched in 2008 to improve perceptions and raise awareness of the sustainability and attractiveness of print, paper, and paper packaging.

There are many misconceptions relating to print, paper and paper packaging. 37% of European consumers believe that paper and paper packaging are bad for the environment. Whilst only 16% believe the paper recycling rate exceeds 60%, in fact it’s 72% (Toluna/Two Sides, 2021).

Paper is based on wood, a natural and renewable material. As young trees grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Furthermore, as a wood product, paper also continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime.

Ebony Hutt, Campaign Manager for Two Sides UK, says, “The Love Paper logo is a fantastic way to complement and enhance existing sustainability pledges, environmental labels, such as forest certification schemes and recycling, by encapsulating them under a highly visible and consumer-friendly campaign. By aligning themselves with Love Paper, brands can tap into the huge-reaching print and digital campaign. Brands can use the Love Paper branding on their own print marketing materials and paper-based packaging, then consumers will see that same branding on a full-page advert in their favourite Sunday newspaper. This is unique for any environmental initiative.”

Brands Love Paper

The possibilities of the Love Paper campaign have been demonstrated brilliantly by Cotton Traders, who have featured the logo on many promotional print campaigns and their product catalogue equating to 20 million pieces of print annually.

Kathryn Colledge, Marketing and Production Manager, said, “We hope that carrying the Love Paper logo will help to educate our customers about the environmental attributes of our print marketing. Reassuring them that paper, as long as it is recycled and sustainably sourced, is a natural and truly sustainable material.”

How To Use The Love Paper logo

The Love Paper logo, a registered trademark of Two Sides, demonstrates that an organisation uses natural and sustainable materials.

The logo can only be used on paper-based products which are sourced from sustainably managed forests, or made of recycled fibre, and are fully recyclable.

To find out more about using the Love Paper logo, visit here.