Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have created some fun and thoughtful Valentine’s activities for you to get creative with and share with those you love. We also have Valentine’s related blogs for you to check out and, perhaps, give you ideas for romantic gestures.

When printing off the Valentine’s Day cards to colour in, please ensure your printer settings are set to “fit to page” to get the best result. When printing double-sided, please print along the “short edge” of the page.

Make sure you share your creations and amazing colouring in skills with us and your friends on social media!

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Love Notes – Saying It With Paper

Paper is a greatly used resource around Valentine’s Day. From cards (brought or home made) to the paper packaging of chocolate boxes that are oh so popular this time of year. The blog: Love Notes – Saying It With Paper, will provide you with an insight on how love notes and Valentine’s Day cards came to be a widespread tradition for Valentine’s Day.

If chocolates aren’t your thing, then check out The World Of Paper Flower Bouquets blog. The beautiful appeal of paper flower bouquets has become an increasingly popular choice in recent years. Compared to regular flowers, this can be a surprising and unique gesture, whilst still as pretty.

Don’t forget to recycle the envelopes and paper packaging from those cards and chocolates that you’ve opened! Did you know that 71% of paper and 82% of paper packaging is recycled? It’s one of the highest recycling rates of any material in Europe! Find out more interesting paper facts on our Fact File page.


    Origami Love Heart

    Origami Letter


    Patchwork Heart


    Valentine’s Card 1

    Valentine’s Card 2

    Valentine’s Card 3

    Valentine’s Card 4

    Valentine’s Card 5

    Design Your Own Love Heart