The Paper Chain Challenge

Welcome to the Paper Chain Challenge! We want to build the longest paper chain possible, to represent a time of solidarity and show how to connect through the medium of paper. We think both are important.

Take part in the paper chain challenge!

All you need to do is create your paper chain using paper only, that’s right no glue or tape! To help you, we’ve created a template which you can download below. Print as many as you like and get colourful!

Once you’ve completed yours, share it and get your friends involved:

1. Create your paper chain
2. Take a picture of it
3. Share it on social media using #LovePaperCreations
4. Follow us at @LovePaperUK (Facebook & Twitter) or @LovePaperCampaign (Instagram)
5. Nominate your friends to carry on the chain

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    The Paper Chain Template

    The Paper Chain Instructions


    Blank Template

    Blank Chains

    Animals in Black and White


    Animals in Colour


    Love Paper in Black and White


    Love Paper in Colour


    Colour Pattern


    Black and White Pattern

    Pattern BW Chains

    Key Workers