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How Are Major Brands Rethinking Packaging?

New paper packaging initiatives have soared in the last few years, making way for some interesting re-designs of our well-known products.

Here are some recent packaging innovations from big supermarket brands.

Walkers Snack A Jacks Paper Wraps

Walkers ‘Snack-a-Jacks’ are getting a paper makeover! This lunchtime staple is getting an eco-upgrade, with its outer wrap going completely paper-based. This move from plastic to paper is set to reduce the brand’s overall use of virgin plastic by 65 tonnes each year!

This new packaging format was trialled in Tesco’s across the UK during 2023 on their Baked Crisps range. It will be available in the next month across all Snack A Jacks’ Salt and Vinegar, Sour Cream and Chive and BBQ flavours.

These outer bags can be widely recycled in home recycling bins and can be collected kerbside alongside other paper packaging. It is set to lower the greenhouse gas emissions of each pack by 52%.

PepsiCo Europe

Quaker Oats Change Pots For Paper!

Quaker Oats announced its transition in early 2024 to paper packaging across its porridge pot range, aiming to streamline recyclability and remove a yearly estimate of up to 200 tonnes of plastic.

It is hoped the new packaging will cut down on virgin plastic use in porridge pots sold across the UK, with Quaker Oats thought to constitute up to 47% of the country’s porridge pot market

Quaker Oats Packaging Europe

Wine Gets A Sustainable Sipping Experience

Who says wine needs to come in a glass bottle? Frugalpac has produced innovative paper wine bottles, now hitting shelves at supermarkets such as Aldi.

By replacing glass bottles with paper and stocking in stores nationwide, Aldi has generated a carbon footprint reduction that is equivalent to driving around the planet 5.8 times – giving eco-conscious wine lovers even more reason to say cheers this spring.

Returnable Mini Beer Crate

Following the new reusable packaging regulations set out in the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations (PPWR), Carrefour Belgium, Cornet Beer and DW Reusables have developed a returnable six-pack for beer.

Launched with the support of VLAIO and Living Lab, the pack is ‘fully brandable’ and can be returned via TOMRA’s reverse vending machines. The six-bottle packs are stored on retailer shelves and offer the same shopping convenience as single-use packs, including optimized shelf space and easy replenishment.

DW Reusables will produce the packaging from 100% post-consumer plastic waste. The packs reportedly reduce the risk of pre-opened, unsellable units or damaged goods, with the crates cleaned after each use at socio-economic company MIVAS. At the end of life, the crates are collected to be reground and turned into new crates.

The first returnable packaging with a deposit will be available in Carrefour stores starting this autumn.

Packaging Europe

Sainsbury’s Switch To Paper Packaging

Have you noticed that more of your weekly grocery items are now in paper-based packaging?

In September 2023, Sainsbury’s announced that all of its own-brand toilet and kitchen roll would switch from plastic to paper packaging, cutting 55 million pieces (485 tonnes) of plastic each year. In January 2024, it announced that it would save an additional 775 tonnes of plastic by switching from plastic to cardboard punnets for its mushrooms.


M&S Supplies Early-Season Potatoes In ‘100% Recyclable’ Paper Packaging

Marks and Spencer has started the rollout of its early-season Jersey Royal potatoes in 100% recyclable paper packaging. This is in the hope that it will remove an estimated one million pieces of plastic from its production line in just the first year.

This is a first for M&S and it is set to help them to become the first to sell Jersey Royals to its customers with the early batch of crops traditionally being reserved for renowned chefs and luxury dining establishments. The paper-packaged potatoes will be available across 75 Foodhalls across the United Kingdom.


Pringles Pops Up With Paper Tubes

Pringles has brand new paper tubes currently hitting shelves at Tesco. These innovative tubes are fully kerbside recyclable, so you can enjoy those delicious crisps guilt-free. Designed by Kellanova Europe, it has given its Pringles tube a more sustainable redesign. The original Pringles tube, which many households are familiar with, is iconic and “has been a defining feature of the product since it was launched in 1967”, says Kellanova.

The new tube retains the brand’s iconic cylindrical shape – enabling the crisps to remain stacked. Furthermore, the new paper-based tube protects the crisps and preserves the flavour of the Pringles to help keep them fresh. People can still reclose the tubes with the recyclable plastic lid to ensure the crisps stay fresh after opening.

The new paper-based tube takes into account “Circularity by Design” guidelines from the European fibre-based packaging value chain, the 4Evergreen Alliance. It has a good recyclability score for its suitability for recycling in standard paper mills under 4evergreen’s Recyclability Evaluation Protocol.

The tubes are accepted in recycling streams across Europe, as the new paper end of the tube makes it easier to recycle for paper recyclers. Much of the paper used for the old and new tubes are made from recycled material, helping to boost the circular economy for recycled paper packaging.


Body Shop: From Bottle To Bar:

The Body Shop has recently released a new line of shampoo bars. Ranging from Banana, Shea and Ginger-scented bars, you can buy a metal water-tight tin to put your shampoo in once you have started to use it. These bars come in small cardboard boxes which have reduced their single-use plastic packaging. In fact, by swapping from bottle to bar, you are saving two bottles of plastic from going to waste. They also cut down on clutter, are longer lasting and tend to be more affordable too.

Have you noticed switches from plastic to paper packaging on your supermarket shelves? Share your paper and card packaging discoveries with us @lovepaperuk

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