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10 Ways To Use Paper Around The House To Put The Horror In Halloween

Halloween is a fun-filled night of the year with spooky costumes, scary stories, and lots of candy. Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t mean you need to buy overpriced costumes and Halloween decorations. You can easily horrify your home to be a Spooktacular place on Halloween night. This list will give you ideas on how to make your house the spookiest in the neighbourhood, but it’s up to you to get creative. Don’t miss out on Love Paper Halloween, it’s all treats and no tricks!

Silhouette Cut-Outs

Never underestimate the power of a simple cut out. Using black paper or card, cut out the silhouette of Halloween themed characters and objects like witches, cats, crows, spiders, etc. Place them in front of windows and mirrors, atop the fireplace and tables. These simple cutouts can add a fun a spooky vibe to any room. For an extra touch, place them over lamp shades to cover the room with spooky shadows. The Love Paper Halloween Silhouette sheets are a great way to get you started.


Spinning Spirits

A super simple and fun way to liven up your ceilings. Get different sizes of white paper and draw the ghosts head in one corner of the page, then have its long spindly body flow round the paper that makes a spiral into the middle of the page. Cut out your ghostly drawing and when picked up from the tale or head, it should look like a long, bouncy, drooping spirit. Attach wire/string to the head or tail of your ghost and tape to the ceiling. You now have spinning spirits.

Hanging Bats

Using black paper or card, cut out silhouettes of bats in various shapes and sizes. You can use the Love Paper Halloween Silhouette sheet to get you started. Attach wire or string to the back of the bat and tape to the ceiling. To mix up the appearance of the bats, fold some of them in half so they bounce out from the centre when open and have a more natural look. If you have a ceiling fan, you could attach the bats to it and put it on a slow speed for a terrifying flying effect.


Wall Banners

Wall banners can be used to tell a tale of a great battle or show off which house you belong to (Gryffindor). All you need is a roll of A3 paper or card cut to shape, some toilet roll tubes, and poster paints. Glue the toilet roll tubes together to form a long tube and paint yellow or gold. Cut out the shape of your banner from the A3 roll or card. Design your banner and glue on to the roll. Make sure you design the banner before gluing it onto the roll (it makes it easier). Then hang up proudly.

Paper Pumpkin Pocket Goodies

These easy to make goodie gifts only require orange tissue paper and green tape. Cut the tissue paper into circles, place the candy in the centre, and bring up the edges around it until you’ve pinched together a pumpkin shape. Wrap green tape around the twisted end of the tissue paper top and you have yourself a little Pocket Pumpkin Goodie. Great for gifting to friends and family members!


Custom Cardboard Tombstones

A fun custom touch to any house or party is creating tombstones (It is Halloween, after all). This can be as scary or as silly as you like. All you need for this is some card and poster paint. You can make a simple tombstone using one sheet of card and cutting out the shape of a tombstone. Alternatively, you could build a 3D to scale tombstone by gluing multiple sheets of card together. Just make sure you paint everything before you glue it together to make your life easier.

Doors That Deceive

A creative way to cover up the blank space of a door is by covering it with an image of something else. All you need is some card, paper, or even tissue paper along with poster paint and tack or tape to stick it up. You could create the spines of your favourite horror books to span the door to appear as one huge bookshelf. Likewise, you could use the tissue paper and card to make your door look like it’s a big open tomb, with a mummy inside.


Pop Up Pumpkins

If you wanted a variety of big and small pumpkins, paper mâché may be the ideal solution. Not to mention it’s easier to paint your scary face on top, rather than carve one out of a real pumpkin. To build up the body’s roundness, use scrunched up newspaper balls and PVA glue together. Then glue the newspaper strips around the edges, building the layers as you go. There are many tutorials on YouTube if you need a visual helping hand.

Directional Signposts

Have some fun and create signposts to put in your front garden or around the house. Here are a couple of examples you can use to get you started: “Hells Kitchen”, “Hang Mans Valley” and “Cryptic Caves”. All you need for this is cardboard, tape, and some creative thinking.


Pop up drawings

This is a simple activity but a fun one, nevertheless. You can make a room a lot more fun by drawing and colouring in your own spooky characters and objects and sticking them up throughout your house. The Love Paper Halloween Colouring sheets are a great way to get you started.

Once you are done with all the crafts you’ve made, make sure you keep them for next year or put them in your recycling bin!

Did you know that in Europe, we have a paper recycling rate of 71% and an even higher 82% for paper packaging? Find out more sustainable facts about paper here!

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