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Bauer Media Love Paper

Bauer Media Underlines Commitment To Sustainability With Love Paper Partnership

Bauer Media, one of the world’s leading media groups, is now using the Love Paper logo to highlight the sustainability of its printed magazines. The initiative signifies the company’s proactive stance in promoting the sustainable aspects of their print production and its commitment to behaving in an environmentally responsible way.

The Love Paper campaign aims to improve perceptions and raise awareness of the sustainability and attractiveness of print, paper, and paper-based packaging.

The campaign echoes Bauer’s long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship as outlined in its most recent Sustainability Report, which stated a commitment to source paper from sustainable partners. As such, it works diligently to ensure that the paper used in its magazines is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests. By collaborating with suppliers who adhere to strict sustainability standards, Bauer actively contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the overall health of the planet.

The Love Paper campaign provides the ideal platform for Bauer to share its success stories and best practices in sustainability.

“We are proud to support the Love Paper campaign and showcase the sustainable story of our printed magazines,” said Gareth Jones, Paper Manager at Bauer Media. “Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in our corporate values. By using the Love Paper logo, we hope to educate our customers about the environmental attributes of our magazines and inspire others in the industry to do the same.”

Jonathan Tame, Managing Director for Two Sides UK, says, “The Love Paper logo is a great way to complement and enrich existing sustainability pledges and environmental labels, such as forest certification schemes and recycling symbols. By aligning themselves with Love Paper, brands can tap into the huge-reaching print and digital campaign, which is meant to help educate and inform consumers of print’s sustainable attributes. Brands can use the Love Paper branding on their own print marketing materials and paper-based packaging, then consumers will see that same branding on a full-page advert in their favourite Sunday newspaper. This is unique for any environmental initiative.”

How To Use The Love Paper Logo

The Love Paper logo, a registered trademark of Two Sides, demonstrates that an organisation uses natural and sustainable materials. The logo can only be used on paper-based products which are sourced from sustainably managed forests, or made of recycled fibre, and are fully recyclable.

To find out more about the sustainability of paper and paper packaging and using the Love Paper logo, visit here.

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