Ways to use paper in the garden

Once you’ve picked up your favourite newspaper and given it a read or finished with those cardboard boxes, they don’t have to go straight into the recycling bin. Instead, using paper in the garden can be extremely versatile and useful.

Here are a few ideas:

Slow down moisture escaping from your flowerpots.

Cut your newspaper into circles so it fits the bottom of your flowerpot, layer 3 pieces on top of each other before filling with soil and planting. The newspaper provides a protective, breathable barrier that slows moisture leaving your pots. If you are using terracotta pots, fully line them for the best results.

Use cardboard under raised flower beds to deter weeds.

Cardboard is an environmentally friendly way to line your raised beds before filling with soil to stop weed and grass growth from underneath. Make sure you extend the cardboard slightly wider than the raised bed to ensure weeds and grass don’t creep up the sides.

Use shredded paper in your compost.

Paper is made from a natural, renewable material, wood fibre. This means that it can be used in your compost. It helps soil to retain moisture and worms love it! Stay away from using glossy, waxy, or magazine paper. But, old receipts, statements, and envelopes are safe for composting.

Paper coffee cups as plant pots.

If you happen to pick up a coffee in a paper coffee cup, instead of throwing it in the bin, use it as a plant pot. Remove the lid and give it a good clean out before adding compost and planting seeds of your choice. They can be an ideal worktop display in your kitchen for growing your own herbs!

Why not make your own plant pot using old toilet rolls?

These DIY plant pots are easy to make & can help you grow a variety of things from seed, including flowers and herbs. Plus, they are eco-friendly! Download the instructions by clicking the link below.

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