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The Art of Quilling – Q&A With Sena Runa

“Paper has many variations such as different colours, types, thickness, and weight.”

Have you heard of quilling? This paper-based craft consists of carefully rolled and shaped strips of paper that are constructed on a flat surface and glued in place to resemble patterns or objects. The art of quilling has been around for hundreds of years and can be traced back to the 15th century. It is believed to have been created by French and Italian nuns to decorate religious objects as a way of saving and conserving money during times of hardship.[1]

However, this isn’t just a hobby of times gone by. Artists today are still using it to create beautiful, intricate pieces of artwork. Artists such as Sena Runa. We asked Sena 8 questions about her work, her love and use of paper and quilling in general as an artform. Here is what she said:

Family Vacation by Sena Runa for SIHLCITY

What Drew You To The Art Of Quilling?

It is an art form that you can interpret an idea differently. Also, I feel comfortable with the idea of creating artwork out of paper.

How Long Have You Been Creating Such Beautiful Work?

I first met quilling in 2012, I started with baby steps because it was not popular at that time. This was in my favour because I got the chance to create artworks in a form that has never been created before.

Can You Tell Us About Your Process?

I first draw a sketch, but just the outline, not the quilling part. Then I decide which colours I want to use. After deciding the colour scheme, I cut my own paper strips. Then the quilling process starts, after that everything happens spontaneously!

Quilled Hearts by Sena Runa

What Is The Best Thing About Working With Paper?

Paper is a type of medium that can have many limitations but also has many possibilities such as different colours, types, thickness, weight, etc. When there are limitations, you are forced to use your imagination to interpret the idea. I love this challenge!

What Was Your Favourite Piece You’ve Made So Far And Why?

When I create something new it’s my favourite piece. Lately, I recreated Van Gogh’s The Starry Night using paper quilling, and I loved the result!

Starry Night by Sena Runa

Do You Come From A Creative Background?

No, I studied BA. After school, I worked in HR for seven years. But I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember!

Was Quilling An Easy Skill To Learn?

This question is very hard for me to answer because I didn’t learn quilling from someone or somewhere. I discovered it, and I developed it in time.

Do You Have Any Advice For Any Newbies To The World Of Quilling?

Patience and exercise! The result would be better in time. And also, I understand it’s much easier to copy artwork for a starter, but it’s much more fun creating your own. So don’t be afraid to try something new and use your imagination.

Sena Runa

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If you found this Q&A interesting and would like to find out more information about Sena and her work, visit You can also follow her on Instagram and other social media platforms @senaruna

Not only is paper a natural source for creativity and experimentation, you can rest assured it’s a sustainable way to be creative. If your paper-based artwork doesn’t go to plan, don’t worry, recycle it and try again. Afterall, 74% of paper in Europe (that includes the UK) is recycled into new paper-based products. It’s one of the highest recycling rates in the world!

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