Love Paper, Love Christmas

Wishing You A Wonderful Christmas And New Year!

It’s the most wonderful of time of year! December is upon us and that means Christmas isn’t far away…

From putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house with tinsel and lights, to counting down the days with a little chocolate treat, we’re here to get you even more excited and in the holiday spirit.

We have created fun filled Christmas activities for you! Ranging from Christmas paper chains to hang around the house to colouring in Love Paper Christmas cards for you to print off, colour in and send to your friends and family members.

When printing off the Christmas cards to colour in, please ensure the printer settings are set to “fit to page” to get the best result. When printing double-sided, please print along the “short edge” of the page.

Make sure you share your creations and amazing colouring in skills with us and your friends on social media!

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Origami Christmas Tree


Origami Santa

Origami Santa

Make Your Own Paper Bauble


Christmas Light Garland


Christmas Crossword


Letter To Santa


Christmas Paper Chains – Cut Out And Colour


Colour In Christmas Creatures – Print Out

Christmas Creatures Colouring

Colour In Christmas Card – Polar Bear

Colour In Christmas

Colour In Christmas Card – Group

Colour In Christmas

Colour In Christmas Card – Character Collage

Colour In Christmas

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Paper is a greatly used resource around Christmas time. The festive blog: Pretty Paper: Tips for a more sustainable Christmas, will give you the insight to help distinguish what’s sustainable and it may even provide you with some new wrapping ideas…

If you’re after a fun way to decorate the house and the tree with your family, we have created a range of paper-based Christmas decorations for you to get crafty with.

Don’t forget to recycle the wrapping paper when you’ve opened all your presents on Christmas day. You can even re-use any Christmas gifts bags for next year. Did you know that 74% of paper and paper packaging is recycled? It’s one of the highest recycling rates of any material in Europe! Find out more interesting paper facts on our Fact File page.