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What Tree Are You? Celtic Astrology

You have probably heard of Star Signs and Astrology, but have you heard of Celtic Tree Astrology? Find out what tree you are and what that means to you, below!

What Is Celtic Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology originates from the beliefs of the ancient Druids. Druids were Celtic priests who believed that forests were of great importance, and they respected and admired the sacred knowledge believed to be held by trees. They held the belief that the entire universe existed in the form of a tree. With its roots representing the past, its trunk representing the present and its branches, that reached the heavens, representing the future and the afterlife. It is also based around the lunar system (the thirteen cycles of the moon) with each cycle being linked to one of the sacred Celtic trees. [1]


How Do You Use The Calendar?

Each of the 13 Luna months is represented by a tree, which has specific relatable qualities. Every tree has a particular energy and can act as a symbol or token of good fortune or a guiding light. The idea of knowing your tree is believed to be helpful when meditating as you can draw upon its strengths for assistance in life’s journey. Whether it is considered trivial or deeply meaningful, the calendar can also be used to reflect on each tree’s qualities to gain additional insights throughout the year. [2]

What Tree Are You?

Look at the list below and find your birthday within the dates stated to see what tree you are:


BIRCH – The Achiever

December 24th – January 20th

Ambitious, Loving, Courageous

You are highly driven and motivate others. You are extremely determined and ambitious, but also calm and tolerant, regularly taking charge when times call for initiative and forward thinking. Birch signs (like the tree) are tolerant and resilient. You are also a natural-born leader, often taking control when needed and called upon.

Your sign is typically known to be compatible with Vine and Willow signs.

ROWAN – The Thinker

January 21st – February 17th

Intelligent, Highly Influential, Patient

You are sharp and set yourself large goals in life. Those with Rowan energy are likely to be keen-minded. Your thoughts are original and creative. You also have a natural ability to transform situations and people around you through your presence. You are highly influential in a quiet way and others can look to you for your unique perspective on things.

Rowan is known to pair well with IVY and HAWTHORN signs.

ASH – The Enchanter

February 18th – March 17th

Artistic, Free-thinking, Imaginative

You are a free thinker with an attractive and winning personality. However, you find that the time you spend alone is equally as valuable and important to you as socializing. You enjoy spending this time in solitude in nature. You are in touch with your inner creativity and are often inspired by the wonders of the natural world. Those in your life may describe you as a recluse, now that your mind much as you rarely place value on what others think and feel about you. You are often immersed in your own world of art, writing, science, and spirituality and in a constant state of self-renewal.

Ash is commonly compatible with Willow and Reed.

ALDER – The Trailblazer

March 18th – April 14th

Intelligent, Highly Influential, Patient

Alder signs are natural-born pathfinders. You are a mover and a shaker, and your positive energy means that people will always want to be your friend. Alder signs are charming and mingle easily with a large mix of personalities. You get along with everybody and everyone loves to hang around with you. This may be because Alders are known as easily confident and have strong-self faith. This self-assurance can be infectious, and others notice and recognize this quality instantly. You are also very focused and dislike time wasting.

Alders pair well with Hawthorn, Oak and even Birch signs.

WILLOW – The Observer

April 15th – May 12th

Calm, Intuitive, Sympathetic

You are a naturally honest person who is generous and sympathetic. Willows are highly intelligent and understand the hidden depths of a person and their personality. You are a realist who has a realistic perspective on life. You are known equally for your kindness and politeness and never want to cause offence. Willows have a great sense of humour and love to joke around with friends and family.

Willow is most compatible with Birch and Ivy.

HAWTHORN – The Illusionist

May 13th – June 9th

Secretive, Fun, Passionate

Hawthorn signs in Celtic astrology are not what they first appear. You may seem calm and live an average life from the outside, but on the inside, you are incredibly passionate and carry a lot of creativity within. You put the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ to the test. Hawthorns are well-adjusted and can easily adapt to most life situations. You are naturally curious, and your interests are broad and ever-expanding. Being an excellent listener is one of your skills, and people actively seek support from you to help them release their burdens. You tend to see the bigger picture and have amazing insight although Hawthorns are usually modest about the credit, they give themselves for these skills.

Hawthorns are compatible with Ash and Rowan.

OAK – The Stabiliser

June 10th – July 7th

Loyal, Generous, Courageous

Oaks are well known for their special gift of strength. You are a great defender of people or a person who does not have a voice. In other words, the Oak is a crusader and the spokesperson for the underdog. Nurturing, helpful and generous, you are a gentle giant among the Celtic zodiac signs. You have a profound regard for history and are likely drawn to be an educator as you wish to give others an insight into the past. Oaks enjoy large family gatherings and are most likely to be involved with large social and community networks.

Oaks naturally pair well with Ask, Reed and Ivy.

HOLLY – The Ruler

July 8th – August 4th

Confident, Noble, Leader

The Holly sign amongst Celtic astrology is seen as the most regal of status. You are seen as respectable, and you take on positions of leadership easily as you have high levels of confidence in your abilities. If you are a Holly sign, you go up against difficulties effortlessly, and it is rare that you fail. When you do face troubles in your life, you try harder with determination to get to your true objectives. You are focused and very goal-orientated even in the most relaxed settings. Holly’s are also highly intelligent, meaning that you sail through anything academic where others may struggle. Once you allow people to get to know you, they see you as a generous, kind and warm personality.

Holly is most compatible with Ash and Elder.

HAZEL – The Knower

August 5th – September 1st

Confident, Loyal, Intelligent

Hazels commonly have very attractive personalities. You tend to enjoy time by yourself because you tend to be quieter than loud. You know your facts and like to stay well-informed. Those influenced by Hazel are highly intelligent, efficient, organized and gifted. You are also knowledgeable and have a good eye for detail. Even though your knowledge base is extensive, you are not arrogant in your wisdom. You are generous, sympathetic, and loyal to friends.

Hazel’s are most compatible with Hawthorn and Rowans.

VINE – The Equaliser

September 2nd – September 29th

Charming, Loving, Elegant

Highly regarded as the tree of joy and exhilaration, as well as wrath, the fast-growing, prolific vine is adaptable to almost any situation. You strive for inner and outer beauty and love to better and improve yourself in your talents and habits. You are very generous and are known to commonly enjoy the finer things in life and to share these with others. Your love of luxury and refinement does not overthrow your want to work and achieve your desires. When you have been troubled or wronged by another, it can take time for your heart and mind to fully mend and recover.

Vine signs are most compatible with Wilow and Hazel.

IVY – The Survivor

September 30th – October 27th

Brave, Determined, Kind

People are often taken aback by your brilliant and unique personality. Ivy’s are typically witty, intelligent and clever and you are always there to lend a hand to those that are in need. You endure troubling times with silent perseverance. You tend to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rooted faith that usually sees you through hard times. Once people get to know you, they cherish you as a lifelong friend.

Ivy is most compatible with Oak and Ash.

REED – The Inquisitor

October 28th – November 24th

Compassionate, Truthful, Curious

You like to dig deep inside to the true meaning of things to discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. You have a strong sense of integrity and honour and are confident. People often find it easy to talk to you about their troubles and worries. Reeds have a great ability to keep secrets. Contrary to this ability, you also love a good story, gossip, and scandals. These all make for a journalist or detective. Reeds also can get to the core of things and getting to the root of a problem is one of your stronger skills.

Reeds are most compatible with Oak and Ash.

ELDER – The Seeker

November 25th – December 23rd

Loyal, Ambitious, Thoughtful

Elders often long for freedom and enjoy living life on the wild side. You seek out thrills and adventure and always want to be on the move. You are deeply thoughtful and very considerate of others and are always keen to lend a helping hand. Life is rarely dull when you are around. Though many assume you are shallow, you actually have a deep philosophical side to you, and you are always questioning the meaning of everything.

Elder signs are most compatible with Alder and Holly.



[2] Breathe Magazine, Issue 51, Natures Guide by Carol Anne Strange


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