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Postage Stamp Inspired Sustainable Packaging

The demand for sustainability has never been more prominent than it is currently. Sustainable clothing, furniture, and packaging are everywhere and are encouraging designers to think creatively and show initiative to do their bit for the planet.

The Stamp Egg packaging is most notable as it can be detached and is made up entirely of PaperFoam®, which is a sustainable, eco-friendly, low carbon, highly recyclable, and compostable material. The use of PaperFoam® packaging has several benefits such as reducing a product’s carbon footprint by up to 90%1, it can be personalized to suit each product that it is used to protect, and it comes in a wide array of colours and designs.

The name ‘Stamp Egg’ comes from the idea that you can tear off an individual compartment of the packaging (similar to ripping a singular stamp out of a book) and carry singular eggs without worrying about them breaking. It features all the relevant components of a regular egg carton; easy to open and close, it’s protective and stackable.


Stamp Eggs are also designed with storage in mind. If a family or individual has little room or prefers to store their eggs in the refrigerator, they can be stacked according to the space that is available with ease.

To stop the eggs from coming into contact with one another, the cartons have individual dimples. They all feature individual improved hinges that hold the units together and ensure the cups are easy to separate into single boxes.

It has also been designed to ensure that the branding and other product information that is required on the boxes can be directly embossed onto the surface of the material, saving on labelling costs and making sure the product is 100% recyclable.



PaperFoam is a studio based in the Netherlands that specializes in the production of environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as those used in packaging electronics, cosmetics, medical devices, equipment, and food appliances. The bio-based product is made from starch, cellulose fibers, and water all with a very low carbon footprint. It can be composted or recycled at home with paper.1

After experimentation of the materials testing durability, strength, etc., it was then that they aimed to find different ways of utilizing this in everyday life applications. Compared to the cellulose-pulp, foam, or plastic boxes, the Stamp PaperFoam® egg trays are lighter and emit much less carbon dioxide. Easy to achieve with the injection-molded manufacturing process, the product is cost-effective, energy-efficient, high-performing, and attractive!2

How Is PaperFoam® Made?

Once the design, colour, and other stylistic preferences are selected, the biodegradable packaging is shaped into any form by using injection moulding. These four ingredients are mixed until they form a thick paste which is then injected into a hard aluminium mould and allowed to set.


So, the next time you find yourself shopping for eggs, cosmetics, or electrical goods, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for new paper packaging innovations that are soon to be making their way to a supermarket shelf worldwide.

The Paper Fact File

Paper is one of the most sustainable and recycled materials in the world!

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