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International Artist Day Paint Brushes
GreenArtPhotography from Getty Images

International Artists Day 2023

International Artist Day is a day designed to honour and celebrate the incredible talents of artists from around the world and their creative processes. Here are three artists that we have interviewed and who you can read more about in their respective blog articles:

The Art Of Quilling – Sena Runa

Sena Runa, a talented quilling artist, has taken a simple art form and turned it into a remarkable visual experience. Quilling, the art of rolling and shaping strips of paper to create intricate designs, has been a craft tradition for centuries. Sena’s work demonstrates how ancient techniques can be used to create modern masterpieces. What makes Sena Runa even more extraordinary is her commitment to sustainability. She often uses recycled paper in her artwork, highlighting the importance of reducing waste and utilizing resources responsibly.

Artist Interview With Mel Cowley

Mel Cowley, a visionary artist, creates breathtaking pieces that immerse viewers in the realm of dreams and imagination. Mel’s artistic journey not only inspires creativity but also speaks to the importance of mental health. In our exclusive interview with Mel, she shares how art has been her sanctuary and an essential tool for managing her own mental health. Her work reminds us that art is not just a form of expression but also a therapeutic outlet, promoting emotional well-being.

Interview With Paper Artist Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor’s paper art is a testament to the power of transformation and the beauty of nature. She crafts intricate botanical sculptures that draw attention to the delicate balance of life on our planet. In our interview with Emma, she discusses her dedication to using sustainable materials, emphasizing the importance of preserving our environment.

Art and Mental Health

The connection between art and mental health cannot be understated. Art serves as an outlet for emotional expression, a channel for processing feelings, and a source of solace. As we celebrate International Artist Day, it’s a reminder that engaging in artistic endeavours can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

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