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9 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts -

9 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Made From Paper

We’ve all been there. Christmas is suddenly right around the corner; you’re feeling like summer only ended three weeks ago and now you’re stuck for inspiration, time and/or pennies when it comes to what to get for your friends and family. We all know at least one person in our circle who is seemingly just impossible to buy for. What don’t they have?! The answer could be as simple as this: something made by you. After all, what’s more thoughtful than something that says, “I sat down and created something with my own two hands, just for you”?

1. Make A Bouquet Of Paper Flowers

Flowers are a gift as old as time and brighten up any space. The only unfortunate thing is they have a short life span. With a bit of time and effort, you can create some stunning bouquets using coloured crepe paper which will really show the receiver just how much you care about them. Difficulty levels vary from beginner but if you’re a little more on the crafty side, these peony templates downloadable from Hallmark detail everything you need and walk you through every step of the way to creating a lovely, lasting gift for any of your loved ones.

10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts - Paper Flowers
The Spruce Crafts
10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts -Decoupage

2. Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of transforming old or tired objects into beautifully decorated reincarnations. It involves cutting out paper designs of your choice and glueing them with PVA to the object that you wish to decorate, then applying several layers of varnish. You can use any type of paper to cover your surface, from wrapping paper to magazine cuttings or even old books. You can decoupage onto ceramic, metal, wood or glass; so the scope you have to create truly unique last minute gifts for Christmas is as wide as your imagination.

Why not consider decoupaging lamps, teacups, coasters, vases, picture frames or even furniture?

3. DIY Framed Prints

Inspirational quotes and word art are really trendy, but why pay good money for pre-made wall prints when you can make your own so easily at home or in the office (work permitting of course)? All you need is a plain white sheet of A4 paper and a printer. Not only is this way more cost effective but the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing fonts, colours and, not to forget, those all-important words! Whether you go for something inspirational, thought-provoking, humorous or keep it personal by printing someone’s favourite song lyrics or even their name along with some fun history and etymology. This is sure to look great in a plain black or wooden frame and is guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts -DIY Framed Prints
10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts - Hand-Drawn Bookmarks
The Postman's

4. Hand-Drawn Bookmarks

An ideal present for sending long distances because they’re so cheap to post, these delightful hand-drawn bookmarks found on tpk would make a great gift for any bookworm. You can make them as artsy as you like or just keep it simple. Remember perfection isn’t important – you want them to look handmade because after all, that’s part of the charm.

5. Quilling

Quilling was originally an artform used to decorate the covers of books, picture frames, cabinets and more, by aristocrats, monks, and nuns. Using little strips of paper to create colourful, bright and intricate designs, all you need is some coloured paper, a quilling tool that you can buy from craft shops, a pair of scissors and some glue.

From animals to mandalas, you can design anything you want with quilling so go ahead and get creative! The book “Quilled Christmas: 30 Festive Paper Projects” is absolutely filled with inspiration and would make a great gift in itself.

Sena Runa
10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts - Handmade Christmas Cards
Artsy Craftsy

6. Hand Made Christmas Cards

A great way to add that personal touch to your Christmas cards is to make them yourself (it’ll save you a few quid too!). We think this Fingerprint Christmas Lights card is adorable and effective yet so simple. Quilling is also the perfect craft to apply to cards and there are loads of tutorials you can find online. Just look at this incredible Christmas tree card!

7. Origami And Paper Toys

Every child loves to receive toys on Christmas morning, but if you’re in a pinch for both time and money you might be surprised what fun can be had from just a few sheets of paper.

This tutorial on YouTube has eight different paper toy crafts such as spinning tops that would make perfect stocking fillers for the kids. Either make them yourself or just supply the raw materials and make them together – what a great way to keep them entertained on Boxing Day.

We also have a few origami templates that you can download for free here along with other activities like games and puzzles.

10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts - Origami & Paper Toys
Babble Dabble
10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts - Personalised Diary

8. Personalised Diary

One way to turn a bland notebook into a decorative, personalised journal is to use washi tape – made from highly renewable resources, it is biodegradable as well as both waterproof and heatproof.¹ Available from craft stores such as Hobbycraft or Paperchase, in a plethora of wonderful designs and colours, it makes the perfect resource for sprucing up a diary. These design ideas from are sure to get your inspirational juices flowing.

9. Paper Fans

An ideal stocking filler… All you need is paper, some used (and cleaned!) lollypop sticks and a bit of sticky tape to create these gorgeous origami paper fans that can be put in a handbag ready to keep you cool in the warmer months… or when you’re stressing over what last minute Christmas gifts you’re going to try and find!

Decorate them however you like with coloured paper or pens; we particularly like this watermelon design and the tutorial walks you through exactly how to make your own.

10 Last Minute Paper Christmas Gifts - Paper Fans
Red Ted

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